History, 2012.

I’ve been taking more time to write lately – only to fall just short enough on time that I almost never get to post. As an unfortunate consequence, most of my facebook statuses have sort of O.D’d on zeal. But really, hand an open platform to an introvert, and can you expect any less? Blogging in some dusty corner of the internet that not many people know exist is supposed to help me unload all of that irritating thinking I do that I generally credit myself for understanding not EVERYONE cares to hear.

In fact, whenever people who do read my blog are like, “why don’t you advertise it on facebook; you’re on the damn thing enough..” it all comes down to that. I write in here because I like the process of saying my piece. I don’t get the same joy out of burdening other people with it. Frankly I don’t care what a lot of other people have to say – although on the other hand I adore hearing what some people do – and since I don’t know where I’d fall within that crowd, I’m happier not to shove myself down everyone’s throat. And if on some bored, rainy day a reader happens to stumble into here and make the choice to get cozy, then I can feel good knowing I’ve earned my keep without graveling for it.

So it’s kind of uncomfortable for me when I snap out of a pre-coffee stupor early in the morning and realize I’ve spilled my guts to the world again on facebook. Do you see now, why I didn’t want to get one in the first place, people-who-talked-me-into-getting-one-in-the-first-place,-you-hypocritical-fucking-nags, I mean, friends. :-)

Exhibit A: Morning after an election day so full that despite myself, I fell asleep to a heaping load of red states at 9:00 p.m.

My facebook status:

First, a picture of Scarlett, because Duh!, she’s amazing. Shoving her down your throat is like shoving cupcakes down your throat. The only reason anyone would ever mind is because the sweetness might just be too much for your heart to endure. But we’re Americans, it wouldn’t be a celebration without a little overindulgence.

– accompanying a cute story about how all the kids helped me vote, I accidentally turned them into liberal bullies, then taught them a powerful message about everyone having a right to make choices based on their own personal values, and my mom eventually telling them that I was right, “everyone has a right to be wrong!” Even the summary was embarrassing in length.

Exhibit B:

A couple of shared images, two thirds political. Just the sort of thing everyone’s looking forward to the day after a totally ruthless campaign finally comes to an end. Sorry and you’re welcome. In my defense, one of those images is my devastatingly beautiful niece, Taylor Nicole – who I believe it’s worth mentioning is, in all her toothless glory, my middle namesake. You’re right, that’s TOTALLY a big deal.

And finally

Exhibit C: Brack Obama’s history-making final campaign speech in Iowa. Take him or leave him, yesterday was a great thing to be a part of. I am accordingly overzealous.

I’ve never liked politics before and I don’t now – but I am in awe of our president. I stand behind everything he and his wife have done to embody our nation’s collective voice. I’m blessed to have money in my pocket and a healthful beat in my heart, but I am not particularly strong or loud or brave. Our president reminds us that we don’t have to be those things to make a difference, and I’m proud to pass such imperative proof of that message onto my kids. 

I stand behind the message that we are brothers and sisters who rise and fall together; that regardless of who you are, so long as you are willing to work hard and have conviction (not just one or the other), you deserve to succeed. That fear and uncertainty do not define us, and that our decisions reflect not just our priorities but our principles – especially when those decisions involve standing up for someone else when you could exercise the right not to instead. If you bet on our impatience, if you rely on our indifference, if you’re hoping to ride in on our selfish nature, we will prove you wrong. 

Watch this speech. I dare you not to be moved. Here’s to being a part of great, American history yesterday!


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