Crafting With Moses.

Grappling Mary’s assignments this week without forgetting about Matthew was tough.  He’s come to me almost incessantly, asking to do some sort of craft or activity, only to be shooed away apologetically for “just a little while longer”. If you follow my homeschooling blog, you may have noticed a stark lack of cute pictures like this.

Sinister, I know. To make up for it, Friday, he was my focus.

Mary’s social studies curriculum covers the ancient world this year, highlighting events in biblical history as they relate to other events around the world taking place at the same time. Matthew gets such a kick out of stories from the bible, the way small children often do, and I don’t want to squander a second of that all-natural, totally volitional fascination. So when it came to studying Egypt in the late 1400’s B.C., I knew a Moses craft would be in high demand.

Pinterest had a number of cute little ditties on the subject for a pre-school crowd.


I chose a variation of this one, which is cuter than ours, but required a purchase of parts.

This blog, however, had just the loophole for me, with a collection of absolutely adorable bible characters available for free to print. We’ve been printing them out for weeks now, posting characters that we learn about in our studies to our ongoing timeline. This time, I printed just the sheet with Moses, sized him nice and small, and chose to make our own version of the craft above. Having just watched Dreamwork’s The Prince of Egypt over breakfast, we had BIGGER waves in mind. (The only technical hiccup here is the fact that Moses is already holding the ten commandments in the printable picture, which had not been given to him yet – small content error in the eyes of a preschooler, so we used it anyway.)

The whole shebang took about 15 minutes start to finish, left minimal mess, and was a goldmine of teachable moments. The best part, though, is having the efforts of your little one be rewarded at the end with something so cool to display. No dry time, and by using cardstock, it was even sturdy enough for him to pass among his friends later on in the afternoon when they came over to play. I love crafts for Matthew particularly because they compel him to explain every detail of what he learned when he’s showing off whatever it is he made.

Here’s what he did, all on his own:


1.) I instructed him to draw a line down the middle of one sheet of cardstock in order to cut it into two equal halves.

2.) He made the cut – no simple feat for small hands!

3.) On one side of each cardstock half, he had to cut a row of slits. (Halfway through the second sheet, he needed to rest his hand. But when I offered to take over, recovery was swift!)

4.) Then, he rolled the halves until they formed a tube, so that when he let go, they rolled upward a little on their own.

5.) He figured out where the glue would need to go on the full sheet of cardstock so that the rolled half from the other sheet would come up like a wave when it was attached to the top. He did this for both sides.

(While he did this, I cut a small shape from a toilet paper tube about the size of Moses, so that we could paste him to something sturdy.)

6.) Matthew cut Moses out and pasted him to the piece of toilet paper tube, which helped to ensure Moses would stand upright.

I glued our nice, stiff Moses in between the two waves and – Voila! Fun, new centerpiece for the living room mantel. :-)


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